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Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread!

hello :wave:
i’m nick

i work at KO_OP, & i’m hoping to start porting more of my side projects to luxe which just feels much more like a well-intentioned and intentional project & community.

i think my interests include algorithmic visualisations as well as plants as well as the crossover between the two.

i like cooking with legumes, reading boring history books, & sorting things.



Hi hi! I’m Shane. I work at Necrosoft Games. We’re currently prototyping a title in Luxe. We also recently announced Demonschool as well. Just happy to be here and support a good engine and community!


Hi hi. I’ve been making games for seven years! I’m looking forward to porting my project on luxe in the future: OUTERBLAST, but in the meantime, I can’t wait to play around with the engine!


hiya, i’m Ali. I work at The Glory Society as a gfx and systems programmer. i’m currently evaluating luxe and so far i’m really into its general architecture.

i’m also looking to re-kindle my own interest in making little games again as i’ve been a systems programmer for awhile and missed having my hands on gameplay.


hi everyone! i’m george, a hybrid designer/programmer temporarily doing the aaa thing while anxiously preparing my return to indie life. i like cellular automata, permaculture, fixing things, and building imaginary places for conscious beings to lose themselves in.

i’m obsessed with custodianship and degrowth, and i’m trying to get away from monolithic game engines with unsustainable, growth-obsessed business models. i’m very excited to start building things in luxe, and to start contributing modules as my spare time allows!

:heart: gk


hello everybody! I’m Foxscotch, or Fox, or Scotch, whatever works! I’ve been programming since I was 15, almost ten years ago now(!), mostly web development which is what I do for my day job

outside of that, game dev has always been the only other field of software that really captivates me, although I’ll admit that I have done considerably more watching-youtube-videos-about-it than actually doing it myself. but I hope to engage more with the subject in the near future, particularly with luxe…!

something that’s really important to me in software in general, with games as no exception, is accessibility, and I hope to be able to make some meaningful contributions to the luxe community along those lines as I learn more about the engine!


Hey everyone! I’m Nathan, a hobbyist gamedev perpetually starting new projects and abandoning old ones. I love prototyping projects but can never seem to take them the rest of the way before a new idea catches my attention. Aside from gamedev, I do a lot of miniature painting and tabletop gaming.

I’ve been interested in luxe since I first saw it and am thankful to have an opportunity to try it out! At first glance it seems exactly what I’m looking for, a very intentionally-designed tool to be as hands-on or hands-off as needed. I’m excited to hopefully have enough time to meaningfully contribute feedback and modules while trying it out!


Hi, I am a web developer who is on a journey that includes making a real game, one day. Because this game exists in my future, I have not yet settled on an engine and there are no signs that luxe will not be that engine. So here I am.

As someone outside of the closed beta, I am content to wait and read about luxe while wondering if it will be the one for me.


Hi everyone! Gosh, it’s been a while since I posted anything in any kind of forum-

I’m Leaf, I’m a freelancer in audio and narrative as well as a game dev on my available time. I have been involved in projects such as the narrative horror RPG An Outcry, and The Cartomancy Anthology .

I’m looking to learn luxe as a means to diversify and - honestly, have fun and broaden my perspectives as a dev. I’m hoping to take it for a spin with a commercial project once I’ll be better-acquainted with the engine, if the stars align!

Looking forward to meet you all!

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Hello! I’m vidyagirl.

I’m a hobbyist game dev, I mainly use HaxeFlixel for game developement but luxe is also a big interest for me, I’ve just been to procrastinaty to catch up much with it, but I definetely plan to!

I do like programming outside of game developement, I’ve even made some non-game programs (albeit, they are for games!) like a FOSS dialogue editor for the hit game OMORI and a tile editor.

I’m also really interested in computer science, I’m fascinated by how computers work, I plan to major in CS when I get into college.

Other than computer stuff, I like anime, cartoons like The Owl House and Gravity Falls, videogames like Celeste, Muse Dash, TF2, and a bunch more I could list. I also know how to play the piano and the drums!

That’s pretty much my introduction for now, thanks for reading!

I also got into luxe around a year ago, my memory’s hazy so I don’t remember if I found out about luxe from a blog or something, or from browsing haxe projects to contribute to and finding luxe’s old version. I got the closed beta a while ago but I haven’t played too much with it due to being busy with other projects + school.

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