Barnard's Star - a multiplayer turn-based tactics game

Hi there! Over the past 3ish years, my brother and I have been working on a mobile turn-based strategy game called Barnard’s Star.

iOS App Store
Google Play Store

(the name is from a real star, check it out!)

I’ll save the devlog-type details for a separate post on the devlogs forum. But I’m pretty proud of the little blurb I wrote for it on the app stores, so here it is:

Snipe your friends, electrocute your enemies and rain down acidic slime in the Barnard’s Star system, 6 light years from Earth. A multiplayer, turn-based tactics battler with no micro-transactions and no random chance - ingenuity is the only way to victory!

  • Choose between 3 warring factions: Humans, Robots, and Critters
  • Do battle with 24 characters using dozens of unique attacks and abilities
  • Conquer 9 different maps set on space stations and intergalactic cruisers
  • Play offline vs. AI, or locally against a friend
  • Challenge friends and strangers with online multiplayer

The game is “async” multiplayer, like Words with Friends. I’ve found it to be a good format for indie multiplayer games with small communities. As a bonus, it makes the game more accessible to people with busy schedules, demanding jobs, kids, or whatever else.

Here are a few action shots!

The game has several inspirations. The biggest are probably Into the Breach for the gameplay, Uniwar for being a mobile async multiplayer game, and Chess for not being pay2win.

A lot of work went into the creation of this game, so if you decide to try it out, I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think :grin: