Capsule collector | luxe jam #1

Hello! I participated in luxe jam #1 and made a small arcade game called capsule collector. Your goal is to pop open all the capsules and deposit the stars in the center while avoiding the hazards that each capsule spawns. The goal doesn’t open up until all capsules are collected, however, so you’ll want to be careful about the path you take.

I’d been itching to make something with movement similar Kirby Air Ride and this jam was the perfect opportunity to try it. There’s def room for improvement, but I think it’s a fun little game and am pretty happy with the result.

It’s playable in the browser on itch here:


I really enjoyed your entry back in the jam and now that you mention it was inspired by Kirby Air Ride movement I can’t believe I didn’t make that connection before!

Great job

yea I had a good time playing this one, took me a minute to figure out why I kept dying initially but then I played many more times than I expected. Also I liked the visuals!