Community site updates!

This thread is where I’ll post changes made to this community so you can keep updated as we work through things!

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Side note: We reached 50+ users today! Welcome everyone!

Since the intention of this community is for people to come hang out outside of just luxe users, I’ve refactored the site a bunch today.



Some of the changes:

  • Put the community categories above the luxe section
  • Revise the banner to not be so luxe branded
  • Refactor categories so there’s a good clear way to filter for luxe or not
    • showcase now has subcategories “luxe showcase” and “project showcase”
    • dev logs now has similar, “luxe project dev logs” and “project dev logs”

This puts all the dev logs and showcase stuff in the same place under the root dev logs, or you can be more specific about your interest with the category. Then within that, you can filter by tags of course for specifics.

General game dev chat is also consolidated, and then the luxe community is localized in the luxe section to make it clearer.

There’s been a bunch of other minor tweaks like the header now matches the color scheme, the theme was fixed on mobile for legibility, and more.